The Designer

Inspired by her background in costume design, where working with tight budgets meant recycling, upcycling, and reusing garments and giving them a new purpose, Hana set out to start her own sustainable, modular eveningwear brand. This seemed impossible at first because people do not associate eveningwear and luxury with sustainability, but she began researching all the different ways to make fashion sustainable and green, across the whole production cycle and even after when it reaches the consumer. Redefining fashion as slow, modular, and meaningful is a challenge that Hana is adamant to tackle using her costume foundations.

Hana is a University of the Arts London Alumni Ambassador, a UAL Sustainability Ambassador, and also works at The Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment at Imperial College London where she is vocal about sustainable fashion and the building of bridges between scientists and fashion designers to tackle sustainable materials, circularity and sustainably technologies. 

Hana is an award-winning costume designer who was the youngest to be awarded at the World of Wearable Art competition the best costume in UK/Europe award in 2013. Her costume resides at the World of Wearable Art museum in Nelson, New Zealand. She worked previously on independent films, and TV commercials, at Phillipa Lepley, The Royal Opera House, and was a store manager at Uniqlo in London.

Hana continues to advocate for a sustainable fashion industry and organises and delivers workshops on sustainable fashion in collaboration with Victoria & Albert Museum, Save Your Wardrobe, UAL and DyeRecycle, at Imperial College London. Hana sees fashion as a form of art and a medium through which one expresses themselves.