The Label

Couca Couture pays homage to a real fashion icon who encapsulates timeless elegance: The designer’s late grandmother, whose nickname was KouKa. Kouka’s fashion sense infused Western designs with the East’s intricate fabrics, due to her living in India, London and Egypt.  Her last wish was that the designer followed her dream to make this brand a reality. With a keen love for the planet and for beautiful textiles, the designer set out to find the balance between luxury fashion and sustainable techniques. The brand continues to evolve with new accessible technologies and latest research, in becoming more and more sustainable and less harmful to the planet, with the aim to become good for the planet through its net-zero targets. 

Couca Couture creates slow modular fashion that is inspired by traditional dressmaking techniques, modified to fit a modern woman. Drawing on the designer’s costume design background, corsetry and body sculpting are essential in giving the wearer the comfort and support they need, so they feel confident and empowered. 


‘Uncompromising luxury made to last, with you and the planet in mind’

Our Values: 

  1. Modularity and Versatility: We seek to make most of our designs modular, meaning they could be worn in more than one way. Especially with eveningwear, we acknowledge the challenge of repeating outfits if you will be going to social events where you will be meeting the same people. So we made our dresses versatile in their functionality and design. Some change in length, others in detailing, hem and necklines, sleeves, and some even invite you to experiment with the design by using the different fastenings to drape the fabric in different ways.

  2. Zero Waste and Circularity: We believe in giving life to every scrap piece, because every piece contributes to carbon emissions and leaves a footprint on our planet. Therefore by saving our scraps and saving other fabrics from landing in landfills, we are upcycling and reviving pieces of fabric and thinking of creative ways to give it purpose in a beautiful and luxurious way. Our patterns are all made with minimum waste in mind initially. Couca believes in a regenerative system in which its designs are circulated for as long as possible, and we encourage our customers to do the same. Therefore we have set up this care page (link) with tips and advice on how to care for your Couca piece, fix it if it gets damaged, clean it and alter it if needed. Couca makes modular pieces and upcycled pieces using antique fabrics such as lace and hand-embroidered lengha fabrics. 

  3. Flexible Sizing: We believe in our modern world, we need flexibility. We also see the negative effects of the modern fashion industry on body image and we hope to reverse that by showing our customers that our bodies evolve and we should embrace every new curve and angle! And as a way of helping our customers retain their Couca pieces for as long as possible, we have made our designs flexible with a corset back that extends up to 3 inches (2 sizes), and this can be taken out and in at the bust or the back or the waist depending on your needs. We tried to make our sizing as clear as possible with size charts under each piece, however our care page (link) also provides tips on alterations.